How do I access my Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with SecureVideo?

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Published 02/25/2014 at 1:27am UTC

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SecureVideo provides a signed Business Associate Agreement for our customers who have signed up for a paid account. Account Administrators can access this document using the instructions below. (Accounts still in Trial mode cannot access the BAA.)


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1. Click on the "Features" tab and select "BAA" from the drop-down menu.

BAA, third item in the drop-down


2. Use the "Request Signed BAA" button at the bottom, left-hand corner of this page.

Request Signed BAA button


3. It may take a minute to generate your BAA, but once that has finished, you will see a button "View BAA".

View BAA 


This will open a PDF document in your browser. Please print it out, fill in and sign pages 5 and 6, and then fax the entire 6 (six) pages to SecureVideo at (510) 337-8833. You can also scan and e-mail the document to [email protected]



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