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Published 02/04/2014 at 11:59pm UTC

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While we generally recommend using computers or laptops for their memory and processing power, it's a mobile world and people have many different needs. We thought we would share some of our solutions if you are primarily using smartphones or tablets, but need a stable way to hold them once you get to your patient.


BESTEK Gooseneck Bolt Clamp Mount Holder

A quick and simple way to steady your iPad or iPhone for a call. 

BESTEK Gooseneck Bolt Clamp Mount in action




Mobile Videoconferencing Station

Affectionately called "iPad-on-wheels" in our office, this device is comprised of a wheeled microphone stand with adjustable boom (Ultimate Support MC-125) and a tablet holder (K&M iPad Air Holder), with a little basket to hold charging cords and any other accessories. Please contact if you would be interested in purchasing one for your organization.

Mobile videoconferencing station 




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