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Published 12/30/2015 at 7:11pm UTC

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E-Documents allow the patient to fill out a form while in the virtual waiting room, and electronically sign it. Users with an Account Administrator or Clinical Supervisor role can create/edit as many templates as needed, and delete templates as well. Common uses for these E-Documents include Statements of Understanding and intake forms.


This support article illustrates how to create a new E-Document.


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1. Click on the "Features" tab and select "E-Documents" from the drop-down menu.

E-Documents is 6th in the drop-down menu



2. On the next page, use the "Edit Templates" button on the left hand side.

Edit Templates button



3.Use the "Edit" button to the left of the template you would like to edit.

Edit button for a given template



4. You can edit the name of the document, and whether or not it is visible to participants.

E-Document name and visibility options



5. Edit the document text using our Rich Text Editor. 


You can use the Rich Text Editor to format your document in a variety of ways. 

 Screencap showing the rich text editor options



You can also format your text using pre-set headers by clicking on "Format" and selecting "Formats", which will slide out a menu of different header formats. Select the header that you like.

Screencap showing how to format something as a header 



6. There are some special tags you can add to the document, which will be replaced by the appropriate information when your Session Participants are filling out the document. They are:

  • [ParticipantName]: this tag will be replaced by the name of the Session Participant who is signing the document.
  • [HostName]: this tag will be replaced by the name of the Session Host.



7. Place curly brackets where you would like fillable fields to appear: {}

Sample of field names



When your form is generated for your patients, the curly brackets will turn into fields for your patients to input information:




8. Use the "Save" button to save your changes.

 The Save button in the lower left hand corner



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